A special note from our founder, Jane Lau

Chuck's is my baby and was created because I wanted to have a safe space where I could spread love and positivity with each and every one of my followers in the same way they've done with me since I started my journey back in 2009.

Chuck's isn't just a beauty brand, but a space that provides you with tools that I hope will help you love yourself—and others, just a little more.

All my love,
Jane, Social Media Influencer 
& Founder of Chuck's

What is Chuck's?

We're not just any lifestyle brand, we're a safe haven for you enjoy and be yourself in. So please, come in and make yourself comfortable.

Why Choose Chuck's?

Chuck's was created to be there for you. It's an outlet that encourages you to be your truest, most unfiltered self. A place filled with people that will accept you, flaws and all. A place for you to share all your ideas, thoughts and feelings without any judgement.

Chuck's isn't just about its products, it's a lifestyle, a community, and your new best friend.

Certified clean, caring and SUPER cute

There's no need for dirty talk (we don't mean the good kind) when you have only EWG certified ingredients in your masks. That means no parabens, minerals, animal testing, alcohol, fragrances and the list goes on. We've put a lot of thought into it so that our skincare products don't just make you look good, but feel good too.